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Chocolate Stain Removal

Chocolate Stain Removal

Have you ever had to clean chocolate stains? Chocolate stain removal techniques come in handy in almost every house cleaning job. شركة نقل اثاث برابغ How do you get chocolate stains out of clothes is a very common question among parents and house cleaners.

Chocolate Stain Removal 101

Remove chocolate stain immediately

As with many types of stain, chocolate stain removal is most effective when the chocolate is still fresh and runny. Remove chocolate stain immediately or as soon as possible.

How to remove a chocolate stain?

To remove a chocolate stain, blot the chocolate stain with water immediately. So, how do you get chocolate stains out of clothes? The first thing to do is to blot the stain with water.
Chocolate stain removal

What detergents can clean chocolate stains?

When the chocolate stain is no longer fresh, chocolate stain removal requires the use of chemicals. When chocolate stains dry on your clothes and set in, to get chocolate stains out of clothes, use the following chemicals. 

For set in mild chocolate stain removal:
  • use diluted detergent or
  • diluted detergent with a few drops of ammonia added.
For set in dark chocolate stain removal:
  • use dilute detergent or diluted detergent with added ammonia, then
  • use diluted vinegar and/or hydrogen peroxide (if the chocolate stains remain)

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