house cleaning tips

house cleaning tips
house cleaning tips

Ways to Keep a House Clean cont 2

Ways to Keep a House Clean (cont)

Clean the microwave 

Microwave is another appliance that is heavily used in most households and often get dirty and infrequently cleaned. If you hate to clean hardened food particles in your microwave, شركة نقل اثاث بالرياض you can line the bottom of the microwave with 10-15 paper towels. You can throw them away when they get dirty and put new ones in their place.

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Trash is one of the worst thing to have to deal with when trying to keep the house clean. If your trash spills over, it will stink your room as well as immediately lower the level of hygiene you previously had. You may want to consider lining the bottom of the trash can with extra liners. This avoids any trash leaking and spilling over. Dirty and stinky trash can bottom can be very disturbing to your senses.

Preserve floor beauty and make floor cleaning much easier 

If you like a low luster, matter shine floor, use a polymer shine on your floors. If you have old linoleum or worn out no wax floors, use a high gloss advanced polymer product that protect the floor's finish especially in high traffic areas and seals the floor against dirt and stains. If you are putting in a new no wax or vinyl floor, choose a floor that has a smooth surface. It makes cleaning and protecting the floor easier.

Use paper products

 If you hate cleaning or washing dishes, you may want to consider using paper plates and disposable cutlery. You will have less things in the sink, but more trash to dispose of.