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house cleaning tips
house cleaning tips

Shower Spray

Shower Spray

One of the most common, yet important, ways to keep a house clean is to use shower spray after each shower in your bathroom. The shower spray will help reduce the chance of mold growth especially if your bathroom has poor ventilation.
There are two types of after shower spray; both are shown below.
After shower spray

Manual After shower spray

The picture of the after shower spray shown is just one of the many brands of shower spray. The idea is that you sprey a mist of this shower cleaner after every shower.   شركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض The shower spray will help keep the bathroom moldfree as well as keep the bathtub and shower door or curtain clean.

Drawback of using an after shower spray

The problem of using this kind of shower spray is that you need to remember to spray after every shower.
Automatic shower spray

Automatic After shower spray

The automatic after shower spray is a much newer product than the manual shower spray. The automatic shower spray requires you to push a button after every shower or every other shower to release a set amount of cleaning fluid. You hang this automatic shower cleaning off off the shower head mount.
The automatic after shower spray used to cost a lot more but nowadays you can buy one for less than $20.

Review of Automatic after shower spray cleaner

The advantage of the automatic after shower spray cleaner is that automatic part. Cleaning shower is never easier because all you have to do is push a button.

 However, is the automatic after shower spray cleaner effective? The answer is, it depends on the size of your shower.
When you push the button to start cleaning, the automatic after shower spray cleaner releases the cleaning fluid in rotating bursts in an attempt to reach all parts of the shower.

However, if you have a big shower area or a bathtub that you also use as a shower area, the automatic spray will only reach the near half of the bathtub.

Literally, if your shower is bigger than an average 'phone booth' typed size, the automatic shower spray will not clean the whole shower.

So you end up with half clean shower and half uncleaned shower.

If you have a bathtub, beware when buying this product .

Also the mechanics of the automatic shower spray is intended to clean shower doors, not shower curtains because the small amount of time the spray was released, it will only clean the obvious and easy to reach parts.

Are you getting the picture?

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