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Red Wine Stain Removal

Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine stain removal is often required of a house cleaner or a restaurant cleaner. The most common places where red wine stain removal is necessary are on clothes and on carpet. Red wine stain on carpet is common and effective red wine stain removal is necessary. شركة رش مبيدات بالرياض , Unfortunately, red wine stains are some of the hardest stains to remove when set in. Red wine stain removal need to be done as fast as soon as possible.

Red Wine Stain Removal 101

To remove red wine stain, it is very important to act fast. Red wine stain removal is much harder when the red wine stain is old.

How to remove red wine stain? Using white wine to remove red wine stain...

If possible, the first thing to do to remove red wine stain from carpet, clothes, or any other medium is to immediately use a cloth or non colored paper towel to apply white wine to a red wine stain. Don't rub the white wine into red wine stain, just blot on the red wine stain.
Red wine stain removal

Red wine stain remover

Some stain removers may help with removing red wine stains. These include:
  • club soda
  • salt
  • water

How does salt help with red wine stain removal?

Salt helps the red wine stain removal process by delaying the red wine stain from setting.

How to remove red wine stain on carpet?

Use the house cleaning tips above for red wine stain removal. 
However if a red wine stain has set into the carpet, the red wine stain may be permanent.
In addition to trying the above house cleaning tips for red wine stain removal, you can try carpet shampoo or a commercial carpet cleaner.
There are products on the market specifically for red wine stain removal.

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